Pasir Salak Historical Complex (Istana Kenangan Pasir Salak)

Location: Perak

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Address: Bukit Chandan, 86400 Kuala Kangsar, Perak, Malaysia
Office Number: +605 6318 999

District » Kuala Kangsar


The Pasir Salak Historical Complex is located about 70 kilometers from the capital city of Perak. It is a memorial complex which commemorates the extraordinary history of Pasir Salak and the people of Perak. The Pasir Salak area is special place which play an important role in the development of the history of Malaysia as an independent nation. It can be said that the origin of the flames of the Malay nationalism started in Pasir Salak.


It was the murder of the British Resident of Perak, J.W.W Birch that started the war between the British and the Malays. Though the Brits were better equipped in terms of weaponry, it was claimed that the Brits prevailed in the war and thus led to the later declaration of independence from the British in the historical year of 1957.

The Pasir Salak Historical Complex is also to commemorate the brave warriors who fought and risked their lives for our country. Among these warriors are Datok Sagor and Datuk Maharajalela. Special memorials are erected in their honour. The memorials are in the shape of a sundang which is a kind of knife that was commonly used during the British rebellion.

The Historical Time Tunnel is the main attraction of the complex as the important events of the Malays and Malaysia are highlighted and exhibited in the tunnel via dioramas. Other interesting exhibit includes the burial site of Seputum who was also another brave warrior of that time. There is also the house and fortress of Datuk Maharajalela and the lela rentaka which is a type of cannon used by the Malays at that time. The complex is actually situated along the banks of the Perak River and is often used as a venue for river-related activities. The picturesque scenery by the historic Perak River as well as the activities that can be done at the river also offers another attraction to visitors.


The Pasir Salak Complex can be accessed via the North-South Expressway. You will need to exit at the Simpang Pulai Interchange. After the exit, drive towards Batu Gajah and turn into Kampung Gajah. There will be signboards leading you towards the Pasir Salak Historical Complex.