About Perak

Geography - Climate and Weather

Perak has a tropical climate with temperatures ranging around 20 to 30'C. It is located at the west coast of the Peninsular of Malaysia where monsoon rains usually takes place around November to February. During non-monsoon season, Perak is usually hot and dry during the day and rather cooling at night. The temperature throughout January during the daytime will reach about 32'C and about 22'C during the night time.


Shopping Guide

When in Perak, visitors usually head towards Ipoh, the capital city of Perak. In Ipoh, there are several places where you can do your shopping. The most popular one would be the Kinta City Shopping Centre which has a variety of shops and restaurants where you can bring your family to. The shops available include Fossil, Esprit, MNG, Guess, Lev’is and many more. Restaurants are also abundant. Other than the Kinta City Shopping Centre is the Ipoh Parade. It is also the home to many shops and restaurants. On the other hand, up north in Taiping is the Taiping Sentral where the locals do their shopping.

Dining / Restaurant

Perak is famous for its food. This is especially true in Ipoh. Ipoh is the haven of food. Many come to Ipoh for its dim sum. The two most popular places to dine for dim sum are at the Foh San Restaurant and the Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum. Both these dim sum restaurants are just opposite each other. These restaurants are very crowded in the mornings especially on weekends. Do come early if you intend to come as parking spaces are limited as well. However, you will be amazed with the freshness and the variety of dim sum that you can find. If you would like to try more types of dim sum, head to Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum as their dim sums are made in smaller bite sizes so that you can try more types. The M. Salim Restaurant is claimed to have one of the best chicken briyani rice while the Koh Samui Restaurant serves good Thai cuisine. Many people also come to eat at Onn Kee Restaurant which serves the famous chicken and bean sprouts. Other good places to eat are located right behind the Kinta City Shopping Centre. There are various of cafes, hawker centres as well as pubs. This place comes to live at night.


There is a famous island in Perak. That would be the Pangkor Island. It is a famous tourist spot especially for locals. It is here that you are able to buy many seafood produce to bring home at a low price. In Ipoh, the famous outdoor theme park is The Lost World of Tambun at the Sunway City Ipoh. This water park has various rides and also has a mini safari as part of its attraction. In Bukit Merah, on the other hand, is the Bukit Merah Water Park. This is also another water theme park. Another famous outdoor activity to do in Perak is the Gua Tempurung. This cave is a 1.2 kilometer long cave that is located in Gopeng, Perak. And after the caving, you can head towards the white water rafting close by.


Public transport in Perak consists of taxis and buses. It would not be the best idea to take public transport to get to these tourist destinations. It would be best if you had your own transport. The network of public transport in Perak is not as sophisticated as in Selangor.