Location: Perak

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Address: Lumut, Perak, Malaysia

District » Lumut


Lumut is located in the state of Perak, just about 84 kilometers from Ipoh. It is also the gateway to Pangkor Island. Lumut is well known as the little town that is famous for its incredible handicrafts which are made of seashells and corals. Lumut was once a small fishing village but has now become the home base for the Royal Malaysian Navy.


Lumut has progressed quite a bit since its humble beginnings as a small fishing village. Now that three decades have passed, so much has changed in Lumut. The progress of Lumut is contributed by the increasing number of tourists into Pangkor Island and also the Royal Malaysian Navy for setting up their base here in Lumut. As you drive through the small town of Lumut, you will see that rows and rows of apartments have emerged due to increase of population here. Many restaurants, pubs and cafes have started business here to cater to the expatriates who work with the Power Station nearby.

On the Lumut beach, visitors can enjoy some time in the water or on its sandy beach for some beach volley ball, banana boat ride, sand castle-making and many more. You can even bring out your mat and suntan under the sun. Lumut is also famous for its fresh and delicious seafood. The prices for seafood are cheap as well.

In terms of accommodation, there are several smaller scaled hotels here if you intend to stay overnight.


If you intend to get to Lumut by bus, there are several locations where you can board on the bus. You can choose to depart from Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Penang/Butterworth and many other destinations. For more convenience, you can always choose to drive here on your own. From Pangkor Island, you can get on the ferry to get to Lumut.