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Location: Perak

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Address: Kuala Kangsar, Perak, Malaysia

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Kuala Kangsar is the Royal Town of Perak which is peaceful and well taken care of. It is comfortably located at a crook of Perak River. Kuala Kangsar had caught the ruler at the time, Sultan Yusuf Sharifuddin Mudzaffar Shah of Perak who ruled from 1877 to 1887 who had built his palace just beside the riverbank where it was exposed to various threats. The palace was named the 'Istana Sri Sayong'.


Kuala Kangsar has developed much since then and has spread across the lands along the river bank to fit the growing number of its people. There are several places of interest in Kuala Kangsar. One of the places worth visiting would be the Sultan Azlan Shah Museum which is just further down the road from the Royal Palace. The museum used to be an older Palace which was named Istana Hulu which was built back in 1903. The palace was built with the Victorian architecture in mind and about five years ago, the palace was made to house the Raja Perempuan Mazwin School. It was just recently that the school moved out and the palace was left vacant. Transformation work then turned the palace into the Sultan Azlan Shah Museum.

Right outside the museum gates is a rubber tree. This is one of the two oldest rubber trees in Peninsula that have endured the years. The Resident of Perak at that time motivated the planting of rubber trees as the car industry progressed rapidly in the west. Many jungles were made into plantations to grow rubber trees.

In the older parts of Kuala Kangsar is the Ubudiah Mosque. The foundation of the mosque was laid in 1913 by Sultan Idris and Sir Hugh Low. The completion of the mosque was delayed because of World War I and was only completed a year after the death of Sultan Idris' successor.Other places include the Istana Kenangan and the Malay College.


To get to Kuala Kangsar from Kuala Lumpur, you will need to get on the North-South Expressway and head towards Ipoh. Kuala Kangsar is about 30 kilometeres from the north of Ipoh.